Outside of the classroom, students are not encouraged to pursue their interests, learn new skills.

If you have the zeal then go for it yourself. You have to find your way . some teachers will help you and senior also are helpful here. MAIT has a nice campus life where students can take part in a wide range of activities,be it drama , dance , sports or technical. but this can seems to be can only from years because of administration.

It really depends on you actually ! How you make use of your college time ! You'll meet all sorts of people round here ! There are those who barely attend college...those who just sit in canteen....some who are found only in its all down to you ...the kind of people you interact and make friends with ! As for studies there is an unsaid rule ....start studying the day before the exam and you ll ace it smoothly ! (Very helpful in short term as tackles exam well but in long run its disastrous attitude) ! Finally hard work is over rated here so dont be surprised to find people who are big on why do you study talks !

Good luck and do manage yourself efficiently ! If you manage well college can be damn good fun !

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The dramatic society of MAIT , is the most active club on campus.

They are not socially active as expected to. Only event they took part in is Anugoonj. Aayaam, the dramatics society of MAIT, is one of the well known names in the theatric circle of Delhi. Through the years, Aayaam has made its name as one of the most dedicated college-level societies and has won numerous events because of the sheer devotion and talent of all of its members.

The mission of the society is to create awareness among people on the most subtle topics that the society ignores.
YouTube channel

Facebook Page
AAYAAM - The Dramatics Society of MAIT

RISHABH CHANGRA- 917838227832
SHWETA GUPTA- 919811284208

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The Western Dance society of Mait , Continuing the Legacy with decency.

Uplifting the glory of its name , meet Aura Western Dance Society of Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology. Founded in 2007, AURA has been a consistant part of cultural society of MAIT for the last 7 years. They have won plenty of prizes till date, but winning 3rd prize at IIT Delhi's cultural fest Rendezvous'12 and 1st prize at NIFT'12 at Anugoonj are some of the proudest moments for us. Consistency, determined effort and continuous hard work are the key things AURA is known for. Also, they hit the nerves of people bytheir entertainment factor which is one of the reasons they stand out from the crowd. Being a part of a technical college itself says that they have to face lots and lots of challenges. From getting new recruits, to choreographing a piece, making everybody learn, formations, transitions, practice places and so on. College is more academics centred, so they have to get things done on their own most of the times.

YouTube channel
Performance of Aura

Facebook Page
AURA - The Western Dance Society of MAIT

vivek dixit - 9810296176
sumit kumar - 9958186929

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The dance team of Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology ( MAIT ).

Funk in motion , also known as FIM is a competitive dance team from MAIT ( Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology , New Delhi ) . The team specialises in choreography , using urban hip hop as its base . They have competed in numerous college competitions , most notably securing the 1st position at St. Stephens and 2nd position at Miranda in the western dance category . They are known for their energy and their style of execution which often involves interacting with the audience through their dance! The teams motto is " Aao Khele " as they strongly believe that a person is the happiest when he enjoys doing what he loves ..

The mission of the society is to create awareness among people on the most subtle topics that the society ignores.

Facebook Page
Funk In Motion - FIM Dance

Oasis 2012(Bits Pilani) - Finalists
Ecstacy 2013(DIAS) - 1st Runner-Up
Crossroads 2013(SRCC) - 2nd Runner-Up
Anugoonj 2013 - Winners(Zonal)
Nexus 2013(VENKY) - 1st Runner-Up
Avensis 2013(MSIT) - 1st Runner-Up

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Students are an integral part of all campus events.

There engagement in anugoonj , mridung , techsurge is phenomenal. But the director does not allow students to organize events in the Main Auditorium. Students are often not allowed to play in the sports field. The Library doesn't store books to it's full capacity,etc It means director does not support the engagement of students in any activities be it entrepreneurial , social , ethical ,athletic,technical . Techsurge and mridung are the technical and cultural fest of Mait , respectively.Participating them is appreciable. But if you are spectator , you will be bored. Try some other sites or busy your calendar on those dates with nice hangouts listed in our site. Besides this, the college is not very culturally active ,no official freshers, no inter-college technical competitions or sports tournaments. It's safe to say that Fest is the biggest event of the year (which is also not that good).

Sports and Recreation
Sports enthusiasts will find at-least something to engage themselves at MAIT Delhi,with basketball court , table tennis , badminton , volleyball court, football court(for small children).

Community Work and Social Causes
Students are not encouraged to give back to the society through social works. Some social drives do take place at the campus , but they don't get enough participation from college.

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